Our heart is ablaze for change in Europe. We long for God to able to show forth his power and glory. Our spirit wants to be connected with the things of heaven and we are convinced that God wants to reveal his plans to those, who will ask him and are seeking the same.
In order for this to happen we have to change our thinking in essential areas and have to embrace his way of thinking and make it our own: How does Jesus want his church to be? What is “Kingdom-Business”? What is a prophetic lifestyle? How does God view politics and certainty in these times of trouble?
Direction is needed by those who are able to hear God's voice, because they know their God. People bold enough to speak out what God wants to change. Simply the things, which the Holy Spirit is telling us NOW.
We therefore believe that we need to provide a platform, through which what Holy Spirit is saying at the moment can be released into our country.

This kind of a platform is what cube8 wants to be.

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